First prototype of “Moove”

Our approach to realize „Moove“, the game we introduced to you in the previous posts, is based on two parts. On the one hand there is a Processing Sketch as the main application, containing the basic part of the game. On the other hand there is a MAX/MSP Patch, which provides the real-time-interaction between movements of the player and musical events. Therefore, MAX/MSP has to be linked to Processing, enabling an exchange of relevant data in both directions. More precisely, in this case Processing and MAX/MSP send and receive OSC-messages to interact with each other.

So far we realized a menu, in which you can choose the song you want to perform in the game. Recently, there are two songs to choose from. Each song hast to be on hand in four separate tracks, each including only the song’s drums, guitars, bass guitar or vocals. In addition, a midi-data is needed, which is used to trigger the sheet music to appear on the screen in the right time and in the right amount. If the player hits the right symbol in time, the song will go on correctly, if he misses to hit the symbol in time, there will be an unpleasant sound.

At this time, only single player mode is available and there are still some problems concerning the number and timing of sheet music that has to be hit.

Here you can see two pictures of the menu and game:



You can download the latest version of our prototype here:

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