Paper Prototype

Now we want to share our paper protoype with you, firstly the original one, secondly the version which considers user feedback.

The first picture shows our original paper-mock-up in 2-player-mode. A simplified picture of the user, based on the camera-signal, will be displayed. This will be something like a silhouette of his body in one distinct color. There will be a display for each player, showing the recent score. Left-sided at the top of the screen, there will be an exit-button. The colors used for this protoype are chosen arbitrarily and do not match the colours for the actual game.

The sheet music, flying into the screen and towards one of the symbols surrounding a player, indicates that the particular symbol has to be touched with one part of the body. Sheet music can appear either from the left side or from the right side and the player can use hands and feet:


This paper protoype was introduced to 2 potential users, who were asked to share their opinion and give us some suggestions to improve the game.

After confronting some users with our paper protoype, we noticed that the screen and the displayed symbols and objects are somehow confusing to the user. This is because the symbols surrounding the players on the screen are hard to distinguish. The original choice of equal colours and the players being placed to closely seemed to be the reasons.

So we decided to add a division line (will maybe be solved differently later) and to change colours of sheet music and symbols individually for each player, as you can see in the following picture. We also increased distance between player 1 and player 2:


The mentioned changes improved the clarity and visual appearance of the game, respectively the paper protoype. In picture 3 you see the players before sheet music starts to fly in the screen:


Sheet music appears on the screen and the players prepare to start the game:


Sheet music reached a symbol of each player and the players try to reach this symbol as fast as they can. Player 1 misses to reach the symbol in time and the sheet music continues to move over the screen. Player 2 hits the symbol in time, the symbol-colour changes and the sheet music dissapears. Player 2 receives one score-point:


Next sheet music is appearing and player 1 hits the particular symbol in time. The symbol-color changes and the sheet music disappears:


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