User tests

Description of the test setup:

The test was performed in the flat of a group member of our “Moove”- development team. Each user was asked to test the game for about 15 minutes. In advance, he received a short, written instruction, containing the following tasks:

The users had to choose a song without help or further instruction and were asked to play both available songs once in 2-player-mode.

We acquisited basic demographic data about the users who are 25 (male) and 23 (female) of age and 1,84m and 1,65m tall. Both users do not have any experiences with interactive displays so far. They are familiar with the game principle of guitar hero, but without having played it frequently. The man is a musician, the woman is not.

During the test, we journalized all important events to record the user’s comments and behaviour. After the testing period, in which the user only received questions that keep him verbalizing his thaughts or actions, we asked a set of questions to further examiine the user’s experience with the game. These are the mentioned questions:

  • How was the firs impression of the game?Has the choice of a song been easy and without difficulty?
  • Are all areas, containing the symbols which the player is expected to hit in time, good reachable? Is the challenge to hit these areas well balanced?
  • Is the game giving clear feedback about the benchmark of a movement, wether the symbol had been hit correctly or not?
  • Are you satisfied concerning the (visible) separation of player 1 and player 2?
  • Is it acoustically recognizable, if you repeatedly fail to hit the symbol correctly?
  • Do you think of the game being funny and entertaining or rather frustrating?

The major issues we discovered throughout this test and the severity rating we gave them are:

  • too many sheet music input -> too challenging
  • 2-player-mode is still confusing
  • sheet music, background music and “symbol-events” are not percetly synchronised
  • green areas of player 2 do not set apart from the green user -> confusing
  • the loose-score does not work properly so far -> challenge fluctuates between too easy and  too difficult

Possible solutions for these issues are:

  • reducing amount of sheet music coming in
  • changing color of the areas surrounding the player
  • adjusting the score -system ->in an earlier state adapted sheet music was necessary
  • arrangement of the symbol-areas in 2-player-mode

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